Announcing Belvoir’s New Executive Director

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Date Published:
2 Mar 2022

Belvoir is excited to announce the appointment of Aaron Beach to the role of Executive Director at Belvoir, taking the reins from Sue Donnelly, who has led the company for the past 5 years to a record breaking number of Helpmann Awards, and kept the company alive through the past 2 years of COVID challenges.

Sue will take on the newly created role of Executive Producer for the next 6 months, and will spearhead a number of exciting projects, including an international tour which will be announced soon.

Sam Meers, Belvoir Chair, said today, “I’m proud to be announcing Aaron Beach’s appointment as Executive Director and Co-CEO of Belvoir, who has been appointed following a formal board process. The breadth and depth of his experience across the industry, and the esteem in which he is held by colleagues, make him the ideal choice as our new Executive Director.

“Sue Donnelly is a leader of the highest calibre. She has been pivotal to the company’s successes over the past five years, particularly in the delivery of our award-winning productions and in strengthening the company’s stability and reputation. Her drive, intellect and leadership has ensured the survival of the Company during the COVID shutdowns and what has proven to be some of the most inspiring but also difficult times in the company’s history.  Whilst we are sad to see Sue step down from the ED role, we are thrilled we have been able to entice her to stay on to deliver a number of special projects.

“We look forward to an exciting future under Aaron Beach’s joint leadership of the company alongside our Artistic Director, Eamon Flack, and a team of committed and highly professional staff as we work to further cement Belvoir’s work on the world stage”.

As Deputy Executive Director and Senior Producer, Aaron Beach has been working closely with Sue in the delivery of landmark Belvoir favourites including Counting and Cracking, Barbara and the Campdogs, Packer and Sons and FANGIRLS. Aaron has been in lockstep with Eamon since joining the company 5 years ago and heading the Artistic and Programming team. Aaron was appointed to the role of Executive Director after a formal board process.

Sue Donnelly commented “Belvoir is a company very close to my heart. I’m so proud of what the whole Belvoir team has achieved over the past five years. It’s been like a very fast roller-coaster ride with countless highs and lows; navigating tight corners, but always managing to stay on the tracks through sheer tenacity.

“I’m very happy to continue as Executive Producer for the next six months, concentrating on specific projects, and working with Aaron and Eamon, and the fabulous Belvoir board.

“I really can’t think of a better person to take over as Executive Director than Aaron. He is a committed theatre person with great instinct, loads of energy and a sense of adventure. He will steer Belvoir to new heights, I’m sure”.

Belvoir Artistic Director, Eamon Flack said “Sue is a rock, and Belvoir is still standing today because of her tireless, ferocious love of this company. Her achievements are major: she has stabilised the company, built the unprecedented coalition that delivered Counting and Cracking, and steered us through Covid. Her support and mentorship for the staff has been exemplary, and I include myself there. Her love of the art and the artists is real-deal, and it’s matched only by her appetite for a negotiation or an ambitious project. She has been a champion for Belvoir since its earliest days, and we’re lucky she is sticking around for the next big Belvoir undertaking.

Aaron’s leadership style has a touch of magic about it and I’m excited that he’s stepping up into the Executive Director role. Running Belvoir takes real sympatico between the Artistic Director and the Executive Director. I’ve been fortunate to enjoy that sympatico with Sue, and Aaron and I are already hand-in-glove after working closely together for the last five years. Part of Aaron’s magic is his low-key ability to let good relations and good ideas do all the work. His previous work for Bangarra and a variety of small-to-medium companies means that he carries the kind of grassroots trust and goodwill that Belvoir needs to stay true. His appointment is good news for artists, audiences, staff and our fellow companies”.

Aaron Beach said “I am honoured to be taking the role of Executive Director following the outstanding contribution of Sue Donnelly, whose commitment and dedication to Belvoir, and the broader arts sector is nothing short of inspirational. Her exceptional guidance and support for the company’s ambitions has been unwavering.

“I look forward to working closely with our visionary Artistic Director Eamon Flack, the Belvoir Board and staff. I am excited about building relationships with the broader Belvoir community of artists, audiences, and adding to the foundation of stories that have come to life at Belvoir Street.

“The strength of our company is in the tremendous calibre of people who come together to make the work happen, from the creative artists, our staff, board members and front of house and bar staff. I couldn’t be more pleased to be leading such a great team”.

Aaron Beach will commence the role of Executive Director from March 2022.