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Date Published:
14 Dec 2021

It’s been too long but it is finally time to get that downstairs theatre back open, and while EoIs only just closed, we are giving you a sneak peek into 25A‘s new season.

Kicking off 2022 are some familiar faces… third times the charm right? *drumroll please*


Presented by KUNST

The rules are clear:

You must always keep moving.
As long as you dance, you will be fed.
Crisis? What crisis? Remain entertaining so that paying spectators get their money’s worth.
The last couple on the dance floor wins $1,000.

Destroy, She Said

Presented by FERVOUR

“Do you want to make me desperate?”
Alissa smiles, “Yes. Don’t say anymore.”

Alone in a hotel, Elisabeth is being watched. After the miscarriage of her second child, Elisabeth is sent to a provincial hotel to convalesce. Captivated by her presence, hotel guests Max Thor and Stein observe her trance-like state. But when Max’s young wife Alissa arrives, the veneer of rest and recuperation comes crashing down. In the confines of this desolate hotel; Max, Alissa and Stein enter into a dangerous game with their fragile companion.

Son of Byblos

Presented by Brave New Word Theatre Company

Adam has everything under control. As each day passes and he knows what to expect: Casual sex when he wants it, his traditional Lebanese parents wrapped around his finger and the only person he can be his true self with, his cousin Claire, always right by his side. He has a grip on everything and is content.

Until Claire suddenly announces her engagement to a man abroad in Lebanon.

With this one decision their truce is shaken, and little by little Adam begins to lose his grip. Sex isn’t getting him high anymore and his parents start asking questions he hasn’t prepared answers to. His private world and cultural expectations finally clash and the lies that used to keep his life together won’t work for him any longer.

But sit tight! The 2022 season is far from over and there are another 5 exciting new productions coming your way early next year to end off the year. Keep your eyes peeled for the line up.