Gen B Booking Form

Gen B is held before the first Friday performance after opening night of each Upstairs production, inside the Belvoir foyer. The pre-show event begins at 7PM and the performance will start at 7:30PM. To be a part of Gen B all you need to do is select which performances you would like to attend (between 3 – 9) and fill out the details below, and we will take care of the rest.

Gen B is only available for our 30-Down subscribers, you will need to provide proof of age ID in order for us to complete your subscription

Please allow up to 2 weeks for your order to be completed. Payment will be taken via phone when your order is complete.


    9 Plays  -              $369 ($41.00 per play)
    8 Plays  -              $352 ($44.00 per play)
    7 Plays  -              $329 ($47.00 per play)
    6 Plays  -              $300 ($50.00 per play)
    5 Plays  -              $260 ($52.00 per play)
    4 Plays  -              $210 ($52.50 per play)
    3 Plays  -              $162 ($54.00 per play)

    +$2 processing fee per subscription.

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    Play Selection

    Friday 20th January, 7PM

    Blessed Union
    Friday 17th February, 7PM

    Into the Woods
    Friday 24th March, 7PM

    At What Cost?
    Friday 12th May, 7PM

    Scenes from the Climate Era
    Friday 2nd June, 7PM

    Miss Peony
    Friday 7th July, 7PM

    The Weekend
    Friday 11th August, 7PM

    Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar & Grill
    Friday 22nd September, 7PM

    The Master & Margarita
    Friday 17th November, 7PM

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