Year 10 placement for students at Belvoir St Theatre

2024 applications open soon

A limited number of places are offered throughout the year.

Our Work Experience program takes place on selected weeks in Term 2, 3 and 4.

To be considered for one of these weeks please apply using the form below and select your top two placement weeks.

Belvoir will read and consider each application. We contact each applicant via email to let you know whether you are successful. The program is popular and we cannot accept every applicant.

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Work Experience weeks

Belvoir is able to accept a couple of students on certain weeks throughout the year. These may not always align with your school’s assigned placement weeks. We have selected weeks where there are relevant activities occurring at the company, for example rehearsals, tech week or performances.

If your work experience weeks are different to those below it may not be possible for you to complete your placement with us.

Our Year 10 Work Experience offer 4 days of placement from Tuesday to Friday.
Our VET Entertainment placement offer is 5 days of placement from Monday to Friday.

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2024 Placement weeks

Year 10 Work Experience
A typical work experience day is 10am to 4pm each day.

WEEK 2: Tuesday 14 May – Friday 17 May
WEEK 2: Tuesday, 30 July – Friday, 2 August
WEEK 3: Tuesday, 6 August – Friday, 9 August
WEEK 8: Tuesday, 10 September – Friday, 13 September
WEEK 9: Tuesday, 17 September – Friday, 20 September
WEEK 2: Tuesday, 22 October – Friday, 25 October
WEEK 3: Tuesday, 29 October – Friday, 1 November

VET Entertainment Placement
Start and end times to be confirmed on successful application

There are currently no placement weeks available.

How to Apply

The best applications are written in your authentic voice. We want to get to know you. Write in a style that you feel comfortable in. That might be full sentences, bullet points, short prose, first-person, third-person or something else creative.

Application Questions:
  1. Why you would like to do work experience at Belvoir?
  2. Which aspects of theatre are you the most interested in and why? (e.g. costume design, stage management, lighting design, performance, directing, playwriting)
  3. What do you hope to learn during a week of work experience with us?

Application tip: You may want to write out your responses to these questions in another document first (Word or GoogleDocs) and then paste it into your application when you are ready to submit.

2024 Application Form

Application Form

    Tell us why you want to do Work Experience with us

    1. What placement week are you applying for?
    You can choose as many weeks from the list below as you like. Please make sure to check your school calendar before you select your preferences.

    Preference 1

    Preference 2

    2. Why would you like to do work experience at Belvoir?

    3. Which aspects of theatre are you the most interested in and why?

    (e.g. costume design, stage management, lighting design, performance, directing, playwriting)

    4. What do you hope to learn during a week of work experience with us?

    5. Students who do work experience at Belvoir will explore many aspects of the theatre industry - this may include watching rehearsals, learning about arts administration and learning about different office roles in theatre. Work experience at Belvoir is not just about being a performer.

    We are looking for curious and committed young people who are interested in working in the theatre industry in creative and technical roles. If you have a love for performing arts, an interest in what it takes to bring productions to the stage and want to take a look behind the scenes then you’ll love work experience with us. Are you interested in learning about all aspects of the theatre industry?

    Applicant Details

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    Please provide the best email address to contact you. This may be your school email or your personal email.

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