Belvoir as a company is committed to developing and staging new Australian work – this can involve commissioning playwrights to write a play specifically for production at Belvoir, as well as reading and seeing the latest works from the most interesting contemporary writers out there. We have a full time dedicated Literary Manager who works with commissioned and emerging playwrights.

When a playwright is having their play staged at Belvoir they usually spend at least the first week of rehearsals in the rehearsal room with the actors and director and return throughout the process.

In the last few years Belvoir has staged completely new works by playwrights such as Matthew Whittet (Old Man), Steve Rodgers (Food), Benedict Andrews (Every Breath), Rita Kalnejais (Babyteeth), Lally Katz (Neighbourhood Watch), Angela Betzien (The Dark Room), Tommy Murphy (Gwen in Purgatory) and Tom Holloway (Love Me Tender).

Babyteeth – Interview with Rita Kalnejais

Every Breath – Interview with Benedict Andrews

Neighbourhood Watch – Interview with Lally Katz

Gwen In Purgatory – Interview with Tommy Murphy

Playwriting Workshop

To arrange a playwriting workshop at your school or at the theatre see here.