Costume Design

Costume designers undertake a lengthy process of research as they develop their design concepts for each production. View the photos below for examples of the design research and costume renderings for past Belvoir productions – Gethsemane, Gwen in Purgatory, The Promise, Yibiyung, As You Like It, Summer of the Seventeenth Doll & Strange Interlude.


Wayside Bride and Light Shining in Buckinghamshire Q & A with Costume Designer Ella Butler


Bob Cousins on designing for My Brilliant Career (2020), reflecting both the past and present through design.

From the archives, Designer Alice talks about her journey with design and working with director Benedict Andrews.

Costume Renderings and Reference Images

Angels in America (2013) images by Mel Page
Forget Me Not (2013) images by Dan Potra
Strange Interlude (2012) images by Mel Page
Summer of the Seventeenth Doll (2011) images by Dale Ferguson
As You Like It (2011) images by Mel Page
Windmill Baby (2011) images by Ruby Langton-Batty
Neighbourhood Watch (2011) images by Dale Ferguson
Gwen in Purgatory (2010) images by Bruce McKinven
The Power of Yes (2010) images by Dale Ferguson
Gethsemane (2009) images by Jennifer Irwin
The Promise (2009) images by Mel Page
Yibiyung (2008) images by Bruce McKinven
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