Regional Schools

Bringing students to Belvoir to see our plays and bringing Belvoir to students, wherever in the state they live.

In-line with COVID-safe guidelines we have recommenced our in-school access program. The health and safety of our artists and participating students is always our first priority. We are also offering a selection of our workshops digitally.


Belvoir Education runs a range of access programs that work to remove obstacles to students experiencing and enjoying theatre.

If you are teaching in a high school in regional NSW, then you may be eligible to apply for our full range of practical theatre workshops in both performance and design for the subsidised price of $12 per student.

This workshop program is offered to ensure all students across NSW have access to Belvoir’s wide range of student workshops, led by industry professionals. Our workshops support work in the classroom and equip students with skills, strategies, practical activities and ideas.

Program details

All of our workshops are run by industry professionals who equip participants with skills, strategies, practical activities and ideas.

These workshops are delivered at your school and are offered for a subsidised price of $12 per student per workshop.

Student workshops run for two hours during term time, Monday to Friday, dependent on the availability of our tutors.

Ideally each workshop should have 20 to 30 participants. For smaller groups we recommend combining year groups or joining with a nearby school.

Workshops give senior students access to industry expertise which supports their HSC studies. Workshops are adjusted to give younger students a fun insight into the performing arts.


Workshops available include…

  • Group Devising
  • Improvisation
  • Playwriting
  • Building a Character
  • Performing Monologues
  • Brecht & Political Theatre
  • Costume Design
  • Production Design
  • Set Design
  • Exploring Neighbourhood Watch
  • Exploring The Lieutenant of Inishmore

Find descriptions of all our workshops here.

We also offer many of our workshops online via Zoom as Digital Workshops.

Upcoming Regional Visits

Let us know where you would like us to go! Contact us via our Regional Workshop Request Form (above) or email [email protected]


Eligible applicants are teachers who are:

  • located in Regional NSW and
  • are teaching a high school or after school drama program in 2021

Apply Now

    Select which workshop topics you are interested in.
    You can have up to three delivered in one day. Workshops run for 2 hours, but can also be adapted to a 90-minute timeslot by request.


    Student participants #
    Year 8Year 9Year 10Year 11Year 12


    Student participants #
    Year 8Year 9Year 10Year 11Year 12


    Student participants #
    Year 8Year 9Year 10Year 11Year 12


    Student participants #
    Year 8Year 9Year 10Year 11Year 12

    Would you like more workshops?

    Regional Workshops can be delivered at your school in regional NSW or digitally via Zoom. There is a minimum number of student participants required for face-to-face and online workshops. All workshops are $12 per participant.

    Face-to-face: 50 students across all workshops (e.g. 2x 25 participants)

    Digital: a minimum of 5 students per workshop, in some instances we may need to combine your workshop with another school.

    How would you like these workshops delivered?

    Briefly describe the space that the workshop will take place:

    Is there visitor parking available at your school?
    (in school only)

    Please indicate the term and week that you would like the workshops to take place.

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    DAY (tick all possible days)

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    DAY (tick all possible days)

    We will contact you to confirm the dates and times.


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    Teaching subject

    Please provide any other information you feel might be useful, including any other topic areas you would like your students to experience.

    Contact Details

    For more information about our education programs, please contact:

    Education Manager Jane May
    Education Coordinator Stevie Bryant

    [email protected]
    +61 (2) 8396 6241