Black Brass Virtual Dance Class

We were so looking forward to you joining us for a live interactive dance class with Lucky Lartey, but Omicron had other plans. *sigh*

However, in view of all you now being online experts, you don’t have to miss out. Here is a virtual treat to a series of 2 dance classes: 


In its traditional form, West African Dance describes the history and life of the West African people. In West Africa dance is passed down from one generation to the next.  

This video provides a unique insight into the culture and dances of West Africa, inviting you to expand your knowledge of traditional African and fusion choreography. 

This video will definitely get you up and dancing and having fun. 


This original and highly energetic choreography by Lucky  draws on aspects of everyday life in Africa.

The video is designed to work your body, help you build stamina and develop body awareness, while experiencing the natural beauty of African dance. It also includes a breakdown and performance of the three dances accompanied by live drumming.

Grab a friend, get some loose clothes on and get ready to have some fun!! Links will be available for the duration of the season and can be accessed as many times as you want.

And don’t be shy, share with us your progress or experience via #BlackBrassLetsDance

Lucky is a Sydney-based dancer and choreographer, originally from Ghana, West Africa. Lucky’s dance and choreographic works look for ways to negotiate what it means to draw on a rich history of traditional rhythm and dance whilst engaging with contemporary movement practises. His work is informed by themes of social justice and explorations of what it means to live as a person of African descent in a Western culture. Lucky’s current investigations include the exotification of non-Western bodies and subjectivities, the relationship between hip hop culture and African oral traditions and environmental issues such as plastic consumption and waste. Lucky is an dancer and choreographer at the forefront of exploring intercultural dance practises as part of the contemporary dance space as well as contributing to an ongoing dialogue regarding intercultural dance practice and its meaning in Australia.

Online Instructional video available for rent at anytime.

Check out Lucky’s Instagram page! @luckylartey