An ox stand on my tongue Accessibility Briefing

The upstage wall is covered in a mirrored surface affixed to the theatre wall. Hanging from the rig, about 40cm in front of the mirrored wall, is a wall of layered, soft, white plastic. The plastic wall has structured corners that return to the theatre wall behind creating a boxy recess where lighting fixtures are hidden to illuminate the mirrored surface. The wall plastic curves and bunches softly to join the floor which has also been covered in a mirror surface before being overlaid with layers of soft plastic and a top layer of thicker, stiffer plastic. Underneath the top layer of firm plastic, the softer plastic is warped and bubbling. It has a distressed and textured appearance.

On the upstage promptside of the set is a faded yellow velvet armchair. The armchair has plastic covers over it – the kind to protect furniture from paint or dust. Next to the armchair is a short circular side table with a gold stand and a marble top. It too is covered in plastic. On top of the side table is a small circular stone plinth with a decadent slice of sponge cake on it, the cake is iced with white icing and topped with berries.

Directly across the stage is a piano stool, also upholstered in velvet and covered in plastic. Upstage of the piano stool hangs a small chandelier, it has vintage style filament bulbs in its five recesses and hangs approximately one meter from the floor. It too is covered in soft protective plastic.

The characters are H and C.

H is played by Jessica Bentley. She appears approximately 30 years old. Jessica has a slim build and is 5 foot 9 inches in height with long dark hair and a tanned/brown complexion. As H she wears a long dark hot pink slip with a slit high up her left thigh, over the slip is worn a glittery underbust corset also in pink. She wears a choker of glittering diamonds.

C is played by Angela Nica Sullen. She appears approximately 33 years old. Angela has a voluptuous build and is 5 feet and 8 inches in height with afro curl, dark brown hair with blond highlights. She has a mixed heritage of African American & Italian, her complexion is a soft caramel colour. As C she wears an opulent red floor length gown, it is worn off the shoulders with a sweetheart neckline and shiny chain details at the sleeves.

Both actors are barefoot.