I remember that it’s Tuesday. Tuesdays are always a bitch.

A suburban supermarket. You’ve been here before. In the car park, mothers are vying for parking spots in their spotless four-wheel drives. Inside, the trolleys are battered and the last packet of cinnamon was just taken from its carefully alphabetised place in the spice section.

TUESDAY is an intricate satire of suburban banality and social alienation. Sometimes you can watch a puddle of juice like it holds the answer to the universe.

Presented in association with Sign of the Acorn


Tom Anson Mesker


Director Nell Ranney
Playwright Louris van de Geer
Production Designer Isabel Hudson

Performance Times

6-23 February 2019

Wednesday 6 February, 7.45pm (Preview)
Thursday 7 February, 7.45pm (Preview)
Friday 8 February, 7.45pm (Opening Night, invitations only)
Saturday 9 February, 7.45pm
Tuesday 12 February, 6.45pm
Wednesday 13 February, 6.45pm
Thursday 14 February, 7.45pm
Friday 15 February, 7.45pm
Saturday 16 February, 7.45pm
Sunday 17 February, 5.15 pm
Tuesday 19 February, 6.45pm
Wednesday 20 February, 6.45pm
Thursday 21 February, 7.45pm
Friday 22 February, 7.45pm
Saturday 23 February, 7.45pm


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