Created by siblings Rosemarie, Constantine, and Michael Costi, this new musical is the hilarious and heartbreaking tale of an officer worker’s tragic quest for warmth and connection in frantic city streets that pulse at the rhythm of a jazz trio.

Nikolai is a clerk in St Petersburg and a social outsider – perpetually uncomfortable in his skin. Following an embarrassing exchange with a colleague, he decides to sell everything he owns in order to buy a brand new overcoat. Upon receiving his coat Nikolai feels elated, valued and worthy of affection. After a work dinner that evening, he crosses a public square and is approached by a gang who rob him of his cherished coat. This loss shatters his spirit and propels him towards a coatless end.


Created by Michael, Rosemarie and Constantine Costi
Book and lyrics by Michael Costi
Director Constantine Costi
Production Design Emma Vine
Composer Rosemarie Costi

Performance Times

14 November – 1 December 2018

Wednesday 14 November 8.15pm
Thursday 15 November 8.15pm
Friday 16 November 8.15pm (Opening Night, private event)
Saturday 17 November 8.15pm
Tuesday 20 November 6.45pm
Wednesday 21 November 6.45pm
Thursday 22 November 8.15pm
Friday 23 November 8.15pm
Saturday 24 November 8.15pm
Sunday 25 November 5.15pm
Tuesday 27 November 6.45pm
Wednesday 28 November 6.45pm
Thursday 29 November 8.15pm
Friday 30 November 8.15pm
Saturday 1 December 8.15pm


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