Something unspeakable happens at an ethical eating startup.  Five people give their accounts of why it happened. Bianca, the social media manager, developed a macabre addiction; Josh, the CTO, had a drug-induced vision; Sasha, the CFO, lost $80,000 in an email exchange; Hannah, the boss, was a total work of art; and DJ, well, he’s just DJ. But who is telling the truth, who is telling their version of the truth, and who is evading the question?

Slaughterhouse is the world premiere production of an experimental text by playwright Anchuli Felicia King, directed by Benita de Wit.


Romy Bartz
Adam Marks
Tom Matthews
Brooke Rayner
Stephanie Somerville


Playwright and Video Designer Anchuli Felicia King
Production Designer Brendan de la Hay
Lighting Designer Phoebe Pilcher
Associate Designer Lyndal Tuckey
Stage Manager Bronte Schuftan

Performance Times

16 October – 2 November 2019

Wednesday 16 October, 7.45pm  (Preview)
Thursday 17 October, 7.45pm (Preview)
Friday 18 October, 7.45pm (Opening Night, invitation only)
Saturday 19 October, 7.45pm
Tuesday 22 October, 6.45pm
Wednesday 23 October, 6.45pm
Thursday 24 October, 7.45pm
Friday 25 October, 7.45pm
Saturday 26 October, 7.45pm
Sunday 27 October, 5.15pm
Tuesday 29 October, 6.45pm
Wednesday 30 October, 6.45pm
Thursday 31 October, 7.45pm
Friday 1 November, 7.45pm
Saturday 2 November, 7.45pm


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