The world’s on fire. Everything’s melting. And you can get chicken nuggets delivered to your door at 3am. What if there was a place where you could let go of all your modern day guilt and anxiety? That’s bliss… right? Kate’s gone there to find happiness. Nick, her ex boyfriend, has followed her there because he lost his happiness when she left to find hers. Lewis has a bag over his head because he thinks he’s ugly and that makes him unhappy. Elsa will only be happy when she finds the fame she’s destined for. Mark never says anything but he looks happy enough. And Anna’s promising a world of happiness but doesn’t seem to have any idea what that looks like… An absurdist play for absurdist times, Shepherd is a pitch-black satire from a knock out cast on finding hope in the modern world when hopelessness is so seductive.


Presented by Aya Productions.


Rose Riley
Mark Paguio
Cece Peters
Adam Sollis
Grace Victoria
Jacob Warner


Producer Emma Diaz
Set & Costume Designer Ella Butler
Assistant Designer Sancia Holden
Lighting Designer Martin Kinnane
Sound Designer Sam Maguire
Stage Manager Emma Paterson
Assistant Director Adam Sollis

Performance Times

Wednesday 19 February, 6.45pm (Preview)
Thursday 20 February, 7.45pm (Preview)
Friday 21 February, 7.45pm (Opening Night)
Saturday 22 February, 7.45pm
Sunday 23 February, 5.15pm
Tuesday 25 February, 6.45pm
Wednesday 26 February, 6.45pm
Thursday 27 February, 7.45pm
Friday 28 February, 7.45pm
Saturday 29 February, 2.15pm
Saturday 29 February, 7.45pm
Sunday 1 March, 5.15pm
Tuesday 3 March, 6.45pm
Wednesday 4 March, 6.45pm
Thursday 5 March, 7.45pm
Friday 6 March, 7.45pm
Saturday 7 March, 7.45pm


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Running Time and Content Warnings

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