Girl Friend by Natesha Somasundaram is a new theatrical work that explores the 1996 murder of university student Joe Cinque by his girlfriend at the time, Anu Singh in Canberra. Anu, a law student and alleged narcissist, organised a dinner party with friends where she poisoned her boyfriend with heroin over the course of 36 hours.

A hugely covered news story, the bizarre circumstances surrounding the murder have inspired many artists in the form of books, theatrical plays and film. All of these works have been authored by Caucasian writers, often inexplicably erasing or sidelining Anu Singh’s cultural background (Indian-Australian) and its potential relationship to her behaviour.

Additionally, her ‘best-friend’ and co-conspirator, also Indian-Australian, is also erased from retellings or explorations of this event.

“Whilst I am deeply unsettled by domestic violence, I am also deeply unsettled by the strangeness of cultural erasure in dissecting crime. I believe crime, and how we respond to crime is utterly parallel to how a community defines its moral compass. The public, creative and commercial response to the crime, more-so than the crime itself, certainly speaks worlds about the internal state of a community.” – Natesha Somasundaram

Presented by New Ghosts Theatre Company with the Ignite Collective.


Vaishnavi Suryaprakash
Nikita Waldron


Producer Loredana Cross

Performance Times

Wednesday 18 March, 7.45pm (Preview)
Thursday 19 March, 7.45pm (Preview)
Friday 20 March, 7.45pm (Opening Night, limited tickets available)
Saturday 21 March, 7.45pm
Sunday 22 March, 5.15pm
Tuesday 24 March, 6.45pm
Wednesday 25 March, 6.45pm
Thursday 26 March, 7.45pm
Friday 27 March, 7.45pm
Saturday 28 March, 7.45pm
Sunday 29 March, 5.15pm
Tuesday 31 March, 6.45pm
Wednesday 1 April, 6.45pm
Thursday 2 April, 7.45pm
Friday 3 April, 7.45pm
Saturday 4 April, 2.15pm
Saturday 4 April, 7.45pm

Running Time
60 minutes


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Running Time and Content Warnings

Running Time: Approx. 60 minutes

Content Warnings: Adult Themes, Strong Language and Emotive Content

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