In a spotless kitchen buried deep underground a covert experiment is headed toward its public unveiling. Rachel and Wells are its subjects, and they can almost pass for human now. Although there’s still something not quite right about them…

And beneath the civilised surfaces, tensions are rising. Wells is growing stronger, Rachel is learning faster than predicted, and Duncan and Marlow’s hold on their subjects – and on power – is proving more fragile and slippery than they thought. As their carefully controlled experiment comes to a head, it twists into a dark psychological battle that threatens to erupt into violence.

Extinction of the Learned Response is a taut psychological thriller that asks, what really separates human from animal – or from monster?

Presented in association with Glitterbomb


Director Carissa Licciardello
Writer Emme Hoy

Performance Times

7 – 25 May 2019

Tuesday 7 May, 7.45 pm (Preview)
Wednesday 8 May, 7.45pm (Preview)
Thursday 9 May, 7.45pm (Opening Night, invitation only)
Friday 10 May, 7.45pm
Saturday 11 May, 7.45pm
Tuesday 14 May, 6.45pm
Wednesday 15 May, 6.45pm
Thursday 16 May, 7.45pm
Friday 17 May, 7.45pm
Saturday 18 May, 7.45pm
Sunday 19 May, 5.15pm
Tuesday 21 May, 6.45pm
Wednesday 22 May, 6.45pm
Thursday 23 May, 7.45pm
Friday 24 May, 7.45pm
Saturday 25 May, 7.45pm


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