Loyalty & 30-Down Program

Belvoir Benefits

Aside from all the exceptional theatre and fabulous fun in the Hal bar you get when you’re a season ticket holder, the longer you subscribe to Belvoir, the more benefits you get – Belvoir Benefits!

Belvoir Benefits is our three-tiered loyalty program

4 – 6 consecutive years = Loyal Subscriber
7 – 9 consecutive years = Devoted Subscriber
10+ consecutive years = Treasured Subscriber

If this is your first year enjoying our Belvoir Benefits program – welcome!

And if you’ve moved up into a new level, super congratulations! Here’s what our Belvoir Benefits program provides:

  • Invitations to special Belvoir events throughout the year.
  • 10% discount on all food and drink in the Hal Bar in the foyer of the theatre.


Treasured subscribers are entitled to unlimited fee-free ticket exchanges*

If you book your season tickets before the priority period ends on 1 December 2022, everyone enjoys fee-free ticket exchanges!*

We know that the past two years have presented some unique obstacles to upholding this commitment so we’re reinstating the status of any lapsed subscribers from the past 2 years. This means that if you’ve been subscribing up until our 2021 Season, you can pick up from where you left off!

*While exchange fees are waived, subscribers who change from less expensive to more expensive performances are liable to pay the difference.


Lovers of theatre who are 30 years or under can secure some nicely discounted seats for 2023.

30-Down ticket pricing applies to any mid-week and Saturday matinee shows.

To purchase a 30-Down package, you must send proof of age with your booking.

30-Down tickets or packages are not available for Saturday evenings and Sunday shows.


Book for the first Friday performance after opening night of any 2023 mainstage production and become a member of Gen B! Find out more about Gen B here.

2022 30-Down Single Ticket Prices

Weekday Evenings + Sat MatWeekday MatineeWeekday Evenings + Sat MatWeekday Matinee

2023 30-Down Packages Prices

Regular PackageMidweek Matinee Package
PlaysPackage PricePer playPackage PricePer play