Performance Times

Performance times vary in our Upstairs and Downstairs Theatres.


Standard performance times for shows in the Upstairs theatre are listed below. In 2018, please note the performance times for Mother and Belvoir Ha Ha vary to the times listed below so please check their individual production pages.

Tuesday & Wednesday 6.30pm  (Previews are 8pm)
Thursday & Friday 8pm
Saturday 2pm & 8pm
Sunday 5pm (Previews are 6.30pm)


Standard performance times for shows in the Downstairs theatre are listed below.

Tuesday & Wednesday 7pm
Thursday & Friday 8.15pm
Saturday 2.15pm & 8.15pm
Sunday 5.15pm

A note about mobile phones

We ask that before entering either our Upstairs or Downstairs theatres you turn your mobile phone off completely. On silent it can still buzz or vibrate which is audible to other patrons and cast members. It can be quite distracting, so please make a special note to turn your phone right off before enjoying your Belvoir performance. Just think of it as a couple of hours where the only thing demanded of you is your full attention to what’s happening on stage. Bliss!