Workplace Giving

Conscious giving, unconsciously.

Does your organisation have a Workplace Giving Program? A number of our supporters choose to support Belvoir by making regular contributions from their pre-tax income. Workplace Giving (Payroll Deduction) Programs automatically deduct donations from your pay and send them direct to Belvoir. We like to call it conscious giving, unconsciously.

What it helps us achieve

Belvoir is committed to remaining at the leading edge of artistic endeavour. By donating to Belvoir, you are showing your commitment to the vibrant culture that theatre brings to our community. As a community of artists and arts workers, our objective is to create theatre that is exceptional, meaningful and resonant for audiences of all ages and backgrounds. We provide opportunities for audiences to see our work, regardless of economic status, age or geographical location, through free performances for the unwaged, our extensive Education Program, national and international touring, festivals and other significant arts events.

Any contributions to Belvoir over $2 are tax deductable. What’s even better is that many employers offer matching donation programs and may double or even triple your individual donation. Workplace Giving is the most effective way to donate to Belvoir because it lowers our administrative fees, gives you an instant tax benefit, and has the potential to multiply your donation.

Example of how your dollar goes further:

$20 $13.50 $20 $40
Monthly commitment to Belvoir Actual out of pocket cost, after-tax benefit* Amount Belvoir receives Amount Belvoir receives if employer matches donation**

*Tax benefit based on average full-time income
**Based on dollar for dollar matching

Everybody feels good

A workplace giving program that donates to Belvoir:

  • Demonstrates a unique commitment to the arts and to enriching our community
  • Contributes to staff morale and builds community profile that appeals to future employees
  • Complements corporate social responsibility initiatives, with little cost or effort
  • Can use matching employer donations to lead and inspire staff to make a difference in their community

Do it!

Contact your program manager, payroll office, or Human Resources department about donating to Belvoir through workplace giving. Don’t forget to ask if your employer offers matching donations! If your company does not yet have Belvoir listed as an option for workplace giving, please contact Belvoir’s Development team and we will contact your employer on your behalf.

If you would like to make a one-time donation, please go here.

Contact Details

For more information about directing your donation to Belvoir, please contact our:
Development team
(02) 8396 6219
[email protected]