The Group

Led by Sam Meers, Belvoir Chair and Patty Akopiantz, Deputy Chair, The Group is a collective of like-minded women who are dedicated to supporting the great old craft of storytelling on stage.

The group looks to provide a platform for the voices in our community that won’t otherwise be heard – supporting stories that address significant issues that affect our community (local and globally), and our place within it.

Belvoir is renowned for its unmatched support of women in theatre and The Group has chosen to support The Sugar House in 2018 for its rare combination of female writer, director and star.

Written by the acclaimed Alana Valentine and directed by the renowned Sarah Goodes, this is a story of Sydney, of family and massive social change. The Sugar House stars the great Kris McQuade, best known for her performances as Dolly Pickles in Cloudstreet for Belvoir, alongside female cast mates Sacha Horler, Sheridan Harbridge and Nikki Shiels.

We invite you to become a member of The Group and join us on the creative journey, ‘from page to stage’, and to engage with us during the creative development phase, through to rehearsal, all the way up to the Opening Night.

Annual contribution to The Group is $4,000.

The Group members are acknowledged in associated production material for The Sugar House and our production programs during the financial year for which a donation is made. See our Donors list here.

Contact Details

For more information about the The Group, please contact:

Development team
(02) 8396 6219
[email protected]