Our Donors

We give our heartfelt thanks to all our donors for their loyal and generous support.

Chair’s Circle

Supports one iconic Belvoir production each year:


Patty Akopiantz & Justin Punch, Robert & Elizabeth Albert, Sophie & Stephen Allen, The Balnaves Foundation, Guido Belgiorno-Nettis AM and Michelle Belgiorno-Nettis, Jessica Block, Catherine & Philip Brenner, Anne Britton, Jillian Broadbent AO, Andrew Cameron AM & Cathy Cameron, Roger Feletto, David Gonski AC & Associate Professor Orli Wargon OAM, Sarah Henry and Charlotte Peterswald, Anita Jacoby, John Kaldor AO & Naomi Milgrom AO, Knights Family Jabula Foundation, Matthew & Veronica Latham, Ian Learmonth & Julia Pincus, Helen Lynch & Helen Bauer, Nelson Meers AO & Carole Meers, Sam Meers AO & Richard Kuo, Catriona Mordant & Simon Mordant AM, Kerr Neilson, Cathie & Paul Oppenheim, Susanna & Matthew Press, Andrew & Andrea Roberts, Sherry-Hogan Foundation, Rob Thomas AM, Mark & Jacqueline Warburton, The WeirAnderson Foundation, Kim Williams AM & Catherine Dovey, Rosie Williams & John Grill AO, Peter Wilson & James Emmett, Cathy Yuncken

Creative Development Fund

Contributors make a significant financial investment in Belvoir’s creative development:


Patty Akopiantz & Justin Punch, Sophie & Stephen Allen, Anne Britton, Andrew Cameron AM & Cathy Cameron, Anita Jacoby, Ingrid Kaiser, Helen Lynch AM & Helen Bauer, Cecilia Ritchie, Sherry-Hogan Foundation, Shemara Wikramanayake & Ed Gilmartin, Kim Williams AM & Catherine Dovey, Peter Wilson & James Emmett, Cathy Yuncken, Anonymous (1)

$5,000 – $9,999

Jill & Richard Berry,  Hartley Cook, Sue Donnelly, Eamon Flack, Gail Hambly, Bill Hawker, Peter & Rosemary Ingle, Don & Leslie Parsonage, Dan & Jackie Phillips, Doc Ross Family Foundation, Victoria Taylor

$2,000 – $4,999

Neil Armfield AO, Justin Butterworth, Michael Coleman, Victoria Holthouse, Penelope Seidler AM

$500 – $1,999

Colleen & Michael Chesterman, Robert Crossman, Richard Evans, Sandra Ferman, Ross McLean & Fiona Beith, Louise & Michael Nettleton, Steve & Belinda Rankine, Richard & Heather & Rachel Rasker, Sally & Jonathon Rourke, Penny Ward

B Keepers

Our B Keepers play a vital role within the company. B Keepers are a unique group of individuals whose financial support, often over many years, is a reflection of their passion for and commitment to Belvoir. Income received from B Keepers underpins all of our activities.


Robert & Libby Albert, Ellen Borda, Louise Christie, Margaret & Bernard Coles, Constructability Recruitment, Bob & Chris Ernst, Marion Heathcote & Brian Burfitt, Bruce Meagher & Greg Waters, Don & Leslie Parsonage, Greg & Chantal Roger, Jann Skinner

$3,000 – $4,999

Michael & Suzanne Daniel, Tom Dent, Firehold Pty.Ltd.,  Judge Joe Harman, Michael Hobbs OAM, Colleen Kane, Jennifer Ledgar & Bob Lim, Tony Maxwell & Robyn Godlee, Peter & Jan Shuttleworth, Merilyn Sleigh & Raoul de Ferranti, Judy Thomson, Patricia Wong, Anonymous (1)

$2,000 – $2,999

Antoinette Albert, Gae Anderson, Claire Armstrong & John Sharpe, Max Bonnell, Charlene & Graham Bradley AM, Chris Brown, Jan Burnswoods, Jan Chapman AO & Stephen O’Rourke, Danny & Kathleen Gilbert, Cary & Rob Gillespie, Sophie Guest, David Haertsch, John Head, Libby Higgin, Ken & Lilian Horler, Jennifer Ledgar & Bob Lim, Professor Elizabeth More, Dr David Nguyen, Timothy & Eva Pascoe, Angela Pearman, Michael Rose, Lesley & Andrew Rosenberg,  David & Emma Scambler, Ann Sherry AO

$1,000 – $1,999

Gil Appleton, Cherry & Peter Best, Allen & Julie Blewitt, Jake Blundell, Mary Jo & Lloyd Capps, Jane Christensen, Annabel Crabb & Jeremy Storer, David & Kathryn Groves, Lisa Hamilton & Rob White, Wendy & Andrew Hamlin, Avril Jeans, Kevin & Rosemarie Jeffers-Palmer, Margaret Johnston, A. Le Marchant, Ross McLean & Fiona Beth, Stephanie Lee, Atul Lele, Hilary Linstead, Louise McBride, , Cajetan Mula (Honorary Member), Kylie Nomchong SC, Jacqueline & Michael Palmer, Greeba Pritchard, Richard, Heather & Rachel Rasker, Alex Oonagh Redmond, Richmond Sisters, David Round, Jennifer Smith, Chris & Bea Sochan, Camilla & Andrew Strang, Sue Thomson,  Paul & Jennifer Winch, Anonymous (3)

The Group

The Group is a collective of like-minded women who are dedicated to supporting the great old craft of storytelling on stage.


Patty Akopiantz, Catherine Brenner, Jillian Broadbent AO, Margaret Butler, Sally Cousens, Kate Donnelly, Holly Kramer, Robin Low, Sam Meers AO, Sarah Meers, Naomi O’Brien, Cecilia Ritchie, Katriina Tahka, Cathy Yuncken

Education Donors

Provide opportunities for young people throughout NSW to access our work.


Doc Ross Family Foundation, Heather Doig & Rob Koczkar, Kimberly & Angus Holden, Susie Kelly, Ian Learmonth & Julia Pincus, Nelson Meers Foundation, Rob Thomas AM

$5,000 – $9,999

Patty Akopiantz & Justin Punch, Ari & Lisa Droga, Veronica & Matthew Latham, Louise Mitchell & Peter Pether, David & Jill Pumphrey, Anonymous (1)

$2,000 – $4,999

Estate of the late Angelo Comino, Rowena Danziger AM & Ken Coles AM, John B Fairfax AO, Kiera Grant & Mark Tallis, Julie Hannaford, Judge Joe Harman, Dan & Jackie Phillips

$500- $1,999

Len & Nita Armfield, Nicola Atkinson, AB, Ian Bennett, Judy Binns, Jessica Block, Brand New You, Dr Dee de Bruyn,  Andrew Bullock, John Campbell, Sabina Donnelley, Drama NSW, Denise & Robert Dunn, Joanna Elliot & David Ryan, Bob & Chris Ernst, Sandra Ferman, Valmae Freilich, Susan Gabriel, Geoffrey & Patricia Gemmell, Bill Hawker, Linda Herd, Dorothy Hoddinott AO, Sue Hyde, Peter & Rosemary Ingle, David Jonas & Desmon Du Plessis, A Juchau, Ruth Layton, Jennifer Ledgar & Bob Lim, Christopher Matthies, Cynthia Mitchell & Elizabeth Harry, Ruth Nicholas, Patricia Novikoff, John Peluso, Nicole Philps, Polese Family, Richard, Heather & Rachel Rasker, Angela Raymond, Ruth Ritchie, Stephen & Christy Roberts, Julianne Schultz, Margie Seale, Peter & Janet Shuttleworth, Rob Sindel, Chris & Bea Sochan, Titia Sprague, Cheri Stevenson, Daniela Torsh, Sarah Walters, Catherine West & Julian Fouter, Ali Yeldham & Angus Hudson, Jason Yetton & Jo Lam, Ross Younsman & Veronica Espaliat, Anonymous (10)

The Hive

A collective of like-minded, young philanthropists supporting Belvoir’s creativity.


Elizabeth Allen & David Langley, Anthony & Elly Baxter, Aaron Beach & Deborah Brown, Nathan & Yael Bennett, Justin Butterworth, Dan & Emma Chesterman, Este Darin-Cooper & Chris Burgess, Tracey Driver, Piers Grove, Ruth Higgins & Tamson Pietsch, Julian Leeser MP & Joanna Davidson, Hannah Roache & Luke Turner, Matthew Rossi, Chris Smith, Peter Wilson & James Emmett

General Donors

Provide valuable support to the projects most in need throughout the year.


Ross Littlewood & Alexandra Curtin, Anonymous (1)

$2,000 – $4,999

Samantha Acret, Robert Burns, Raymond McDonald, Lynne Watkins & Nicolas Harding, Anonymous (3)

$500 – $1,999

Annette Adair, Victor Baskir, Baiba Berzins, Christine Bishop, Keith Bradley AM, Maxine Brenner, Anne Britton, Cadmium Property, Darren Cook, Tim & Bryony Cox, Carol & Nicholas Dettmann, Jane Diamond, Jane Mary Eagger, Anton Enus, Gillian Fenton, Tim Gerrard, Verity Goitein, Peter Gray & Helen Thwaites, Priscilla Guest, Jill Hawker, Linda Herd, Grania Hickley, Ruth Higgins, Elaine Hiley, Dorothy Hoddinott AO, Robert Kidd, Cheryl L, Connie Liu, Elizabeth & Richard Longes, Lisa Manchur, Genie Melone, Irene Miller, Peter Mitchell, Patricia Novikoff, Judy & Geoff Patterson, Christine Pender, Susan Pugh, Kim Rosser, Bernard Ryan & Michael Rowe, Leigh Rae Sanderson, Elfriede Sangkuhl, Rachel Scanlon, Eileen Slarke & Family, Chris & Bea Sochan, Geoffrey Starr, Paul Stein AMQC, Leslie Stern, Mike Thompson, Tom Tilley, Helen Trinca, Suzanne & Ross Tzannes AM, Louise & Steve Verrier, Chris Vik & Chelsea Albert, Louisa Ward, Professor Elizabeth Webby AM, Richard Willis, Brian & Trish Wright, Carolyn Wright, Anonymous (10)

Belvoir is very grateful to accept all donations. Donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Please note: this list is updated regularly.  

Life Members & Special Thanks

Our Life Members
All have made outstanding contributions to Belvoir over more than thirty years. They have changed the course of the company and are now ingrained in its fabric

Neil Armfield AO, Neil Balnaves AO, Andrew Cameron AM, David Gonski AC, Rachel Healy, Louise Herron AM, Sue Hill, Geoffrey Rush AC, Associate Professor Orli Wargon OAM and Chris Westwood.

Special thanks
We would like to acknowledge Cajetan Mula, Len Armfield, Geoffrey Scharer and Jann Kohlman. They will always be remembered for their generosity to Belvoir.

These people and foundations supported the redevelopment of Belvoir Street Theatre and purchase of our warehouse.
Andrew & Cathy Cameron (refurbishment of theatre & warehouse)
Russell Crowe (redevelopment of theatre)
The Gonski Foundation & The Nelson Meers Foundation (Gonski Meers Foyer)
Andrew & Wendy Hamlin (Executive Director’s office)
Hal Herron (The Hal Bar)
Geoffrey Rush (redevelopment of theatre)
Fred Street AM (Upstairs Dressing Room)

Contact Details

If you would like to make a donation or would like further information about any of our donor programs please contact:

Development team
(02) 9698 3344
[email protected]