Education Donations

What would a life without theatre be like?

‘Some of our students are the first in their family to experience theatre, such an important program that we cannot do without’.
– Teacher, Thomas Reddall High School, Campbelltown

A core part of Belvoir’s vision is to provide opportunities for young people to engage with our work (on and off the stage), regardless of their economic status, age or geographical location.

Our innovative Education Program gives young people across NSW the opportunity to see theatre through our dedicated School Performances. A chance to participate in our hands-on skill development English and Drama Workshops for students and teachers. An opportunity to connect with the next generation, through our Young Belvoir Club and the chance to change a life, through our enriching 16-week Youth Express theatre program for youth at risk.

We rely on individual support to keep these innovative programs going, as it does not receive any government funding. Help us raise the necessary funds to continue our programs for 2019 – we believe that theatre stimulates the imagination, engages our senses and has the power to transform lives.

DONATE TODAY and together we’ll even the playing field for ALL students!

Where do the dollars go?

Donations are directed to a range of access programs that work to remove obstacles to students experiencing and learning from theatre.

One element of our Education Program is our Priority Schools Program. High Schools that are eligible for Equity Funding are able to offer students and teachers the opportunity to attend our schools performances free of charge. The cost of tickets and travel prevent many students from lower socio-economic and geographically disadvantaged areas from seeing professional theatre. By providing free tickets we aim to ‘even the playing field’ and remove these financial obstacles.

Our Education program is not just about bringing students to Belvoir to see our plays but bringing the magic of Belvoir to students, wherever in the state they live. Student Workshops give senior students access to industry expertise which supports their HSC studies. Workshops are adjusted to give younger students a fun learning environment.

One of our most enriching programs aims to give youth at risk a voice. Our Youth Express Outreach Program provides the opportunity for Belvoir to partner with youth support organisations such as Key College: Youth off the Streets, the John Berne School, and Twenty10 to give young people access to a 16-week professional run program which tackles communication and coping skills to improve their lives and offers the chance to experience stepping onto a stage for the very first time.

Donate to our Education Program HERE and together we’ll even the playing field for ALL students!

Thank you

Our Education programs would not be possible without the vital support we receive from the following individuals and organisations:

Youth & Education Partner

Trusts & Foundations
Gandevia Foundation
Greatorex Foundation
Nelson Meers Foundation


Doc Ross Family Foundation, Heather Doig & Rob Koczkar, Kimberly & Angus Holden, Susie Kelly, Ian Learmonth & Julia Pincus, Sam Meers AO & Richard Kuo, Rob Thomas AM

$5,000 – $9,999

Patty Akopiantz & Justin Punch, Ari & Lisa Droga, Veronica & Matthew Latham, Louise Mitchell & Peter Pether, David & Jill Pumphrey, Anonymous (1)

$2,000 – $4,999

Estate of the late Angelo Comino, Rowena Danziger AM & Ken Coles AM, John B Fairfax AO, Kiera Grant & Mark Tallis, Julie Hannaford, Judge Joe Harman, Dan & Jackie Phillips

$500- $1,999

Len & Nita Armfield, Nicola Atkinson, AB, Ian Bennett, Judy Binns, Jessica Block, Brand New You, Dr Dee de Bruyn,  Andrew Bullock, John Campbell, Sabina Donnelley, Drama NSW, Denise & Robert Dunn, Joanna Elliot & David Ryan, Bob & Chris Ernst, Sandra Ferman, Valmae Freilich, Susan Gabriel, Geoffrey & Patricia Gemmell, Bill Hawker, Linda Herd, Dorothy Hoddinott AO, Sue Hyde, Peter & Rosemary Ingle, David Jonas & Desmon Du Plessis, A Juchau, Ruth Layton, Jennifer Ledgar & Bob Lim, Christopher Matthies, Cynthia Mitchell & Elizabeth Harry, Ruth Nicholas, Patricia Novikoff, John Peluso, Nicole Philps, Polese Family, Richard, Heather & Rachel Rasker, Angela Raymond, Ruth Ritchie, Stephen & Christy Roberts, Julianne Schultz, Margie Seale, Peter & Janet Shuttleworth, Rob Sindel, Chris & Bea Sochan, Titia Sprague, Cheri Stevenson, Daniela Torsh, Sarah Walters, Catherine West & Julian Fouter, Ali Yeldham & Angus Hudson, Jason Yetton & Jo Lam, Ross Younsman & Veronica Espaliat, Anonymous (10)

Want to know more?

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