Loyalty Program & 30-Down

At Belvoir, we love to reward our loyal subscribers, and we have a special group for those 30 or under.

We have a three-tiered Loyalty program that recognises the special commitment shown by our patrons who have been subscribers for four or more consecutive years.

Treasured subscribers
= 10+ consecutive years
Devoted subscribers
= 7–9 consecutive years
Loyal subscribers
= 4–6 consecutive years

If you are part of our Loyalty program, or are entering it for the first time, you will receive:

invitations throughout the year to special Belvoir events – we’ll be in touch!
a collectible Belvoir 2020 Season keyring
$2 discount on wine, beer and glasses of post-mix soft drink purchased for yourself at Belvoir St Theatre’s Hal Bar – you need to flash your keyring.

Treasured subscribers are entitled to unlimited fee-free ticket exchanges.


If you’re aged 30 or under, you’re on our radar and we have a subscriber group just for you. We want you to see as much theatre as possible so we’ve heavily discounted our prices. Subscribing is a great way to lock in dates with friends and family. You’ll also receive ongoing benefits and a chance to win fabulous prizes.

Choose any of these performances:

Wednesday evening
Thursday evening
Friday evening
Saturday matinee


Regular Package Midweek Matinee Package
Package Price Package Price
10 plays $352 $262
9 plays $344 $254
8 plays $330 $250
7 plays $310 $240
6 plays $284 $224
5 plays $247 $197

To purchase a 30-Down package, you must send proof of age with your booking.