2020 Artistic Director’s Message

There’s a wonderful, nagging human instinct which keeps asking - Is this it? How can it be better? What more is possible?

In most of daily life there’s no time to humour that instinct, which is why you have Belvoir. We exist entirely to entertain new possibilities.

Now more than ever.

What’s happening to our country? To our planet? Why are women still shut out? How do we maintain the rage? How do you love when you’re angry or scared or desperate? How do we learn to live together better? What are we missing, what aren’t we seeing? What more is possible?

These are the questions that drive the artists and stories in our season this year.

Miles Franklin. Virginia Woolf. Caryl Churchill. Three essential writers and their most essential works.

Michelle Law. Kodie Bedford. Clare Barron. Three new essential writers and their hypercolour visions of life today.

Antigone and the Mahabharata. Two of the great old stories brought together in one new play by the artists behind Counting and Cracking.

Maxim Gorky’s magnificent Summerfolk, Peter Goldsworthy’s Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam, the return of the hit Every Brilliant Thing, (plus a special work-in-progress from Alana Valentine).

Ten (and a half) shows, all driven by that beautiful question, What more is possible? And ten very different answers. Which is the glorious thing about it: the multitude of possibilities, the many answers, the variety of life.


Eamon Flack
Artistic Director