2019 Artistic Director’s Message

A note from Eamon.

This season is a celebration of life in mad times.

Our biggest show this year is also our biggest show ever – 16 actors from five countries. It’s so big we’ve had to take over Sydney Town Hall to put it on.

Our smallest show has only one actor, but she can only tell the story with the help of about 50 other people. We’re introducing some new writers and directors this year – S. Shakthidharan, Jess Arthur, Yve Blake, Paige Rattray. Each of them is doing something brilliant and original.

We’re welcoming back some greats – Neil Armfield, Andrew Bovell, Kate Mulvany, Colin Friels, Ursula Yovich, Tommy Murphy, Kate Champion…

The stories we’re telling have all been written in the last five years, with one exception: Life of Galileo is from the 1930s, the decade of fascism – but it could just as well be from the last five years.

The sum of it all, we hope, is a dose of invigoration and optimism. We defy augury!*

The future keeps coming.



*Hopefully we defy it a little more successfully than Hamlet, whose line this is, and who ends up dead with his kingdom in ruins.