2017 Artistic Director’s Message


Living in the 21st century feels like living on a volcano, but live we do and live we must, for all we’ve got. This year we’re presenting a season of plays about people trying to make a better life on the volcano. We’ll present these plays the only way we know how – not with splashes of cash and whizzbangery, but with all the love and imagination we can muster.

The world is a mess, and some of these stories are set in the messier parts of the mess, but the people in these stories are all reaching for something better. More joy, less misery. More play, less deadly seriousness. More panache, more love, more wild leaps of imagination, more possibility. More life.

On the home front, poor gorgeous old Sydney seems to be on the verge of another one of its epochal makeovers. If the wowsers and property developers have their way the only thing happening after midnight in Sydney will be tree-felling. Here in our little theatre on a Surry Hills side street we will dream about greater things, for Sydney and the whole volcano world. We will present varied stories of varied lives, we will hew what rough magic we can, and we will play and play and play until, perhaps, the serious turn wry, the brutal soften, and the dreamers run the joint.

At any rate it will be a ride.