In October 1999, 40,000 people flooded downtown Sydney to protest against South Sydney Rabbitohs being thrown out of the premiere Rugby League Competition. Undeterred, Souths took to the courts, first losing an injunction and then their appeal. In November 2000, 80,000 people took over central Sydney to vent their anger at the failure to reinstate Souths. It was the biggest sporting rally in Australia’s history. In July 2001, the Federal Court voted to support Souths’ appeal and the NRL invited the Rabbitohs to rejoin the competition.

In the tradition of Aftershocks and The Laramie Project, this is a piece of theatre made up from the voices of the community. This time it’s Belvoir’s own community – Surry Hills, Redfern, Alexandria, Waterloo, Mascot, Rosebery. Here are George and Noelene Piggins, Jimmy La Hood, past players, supporters, club staff and lawyers, all telling the stories of Souths’ struggle. This is a tale of David versus Goliath, the last of the inner-city working class teams crying out to be heard and finally succeeding when all the odds were stacked against them.


Josef Ber
Roy Billing
Wayne Blair
Tyler Coppin
Julie Hamilton
Jody Kennedy
Russell Kiefel
Eliza Logan
Georgina Naidu
Alex Sideratos


By Alana Valentine
Directed by Kate Gaul
Set Design Brian Thomson
Costume Design Genevieve Dugard
Lighting Design Mark Howett
Sound Design Jeremy Silver