Prakash Belawadi

Prakash is an Indian actor, writer, director and teacher for the stage, television and cinema; as well as a journalist and occasional activist. He is appearing in Counting and Cracking for Belvoir in 2019. Prakash has featured in many Indian films including (in Hindi) Madras CaféTalvar, Airlift, and (Malayalam) Take Off, with his most recent appearance in the web series Smoke on Eros Now. Prakash is also the co-founder of the Centre for Film and Drama, which is a theatre group and academy for training in acting and filmmaking. Prakash has been a speaker, trainer and delegate at Harvard University, San Francisco State University, and in London, Seoul, Gothenburg, Istanbul and Berlin.

For more information and a link to tickets visit the official page for Counting and Cracking.

Below you can hear Prakash speaking to Kumud Merandi of SBS Hindi about the importance of the production and the enduring need to safeguard democracy.