The Belvoir Podcast

Happy listening!

We regularly produce a podcast for our Upstairs shows featuring interviews with members of the cast and creative team. It’s an excellent way to get up to speed with what a show’s about, who’s making it, and other bits of exclusive trivia. Our podcasts are produced by Zoe Ferguson.


Single Asian Female (2018)

Writer Michelle Law, director Claire Christian, and actors Hsiao-Ling Tang, Alex Lee and Courtney Stewart discuss the making of this smash hit comedy, which shakes up the local theatre scene with fresh stories and perspectives.

Barbara and the Camp Dogs (2017)

Co-writers Alana Valentine and Ursula Yovich, and actor Elaine Crombie discuss the big themes and issues in this powerful new Australian work, and what inspired its creation.

Atlantis (2017)

Playwright Lally Katz, director Rosemary Myers, and actors Amber McMahon and Lucia Mastrantone, talk about tackling Lally’s hilarious and personal new work about “ovaries and climate change”.

Ghosts (2017)

Step behind the scenes with director Eamon Flack, lighting designer Nick Schlieper, and actors Pamela Rabe and Tom Conroy as they discuss Ibsen’s 19th century masterpiece and what it holds for a modern audience.

Hir (2017)

Step behind the scenes with director Anthea Williams and her fabulous cast as they discuss gender, politics and family dysfunction in Taylor Mac’s smash hit play Hir.

The Rover (2017)

Director Eamon Flack, dramaturg Charlotte Bradley and actors Taylor Ferguson, Elizabeth Nabben, Toby Schmitz and Nikki Shiels share their thoughts on Aphra Behn’s 1677 battle of the sexes, and what this classic holds for a modern audience.

Mr Burns (2017)

Director Imara Savage and actors Mitchell Butel and Jude Henshall explore the big ideas in Anne Washburn’s wildly inventive play.

Mark Colvin’s Kidney (2017)

Go behind the scenes of this extraordinary true story with playwright Tommy Murphy and lead actor Sarah Peirse.

Jasper Jones (2017)

Author Craig Silvey, adaptor Kate Mulvany, director Anne-Louise Sarks and the young cast all weigh in on the making of this smash hit.