Inspired by her own memories growing up with a single Indigenous dad, Katie Beckett’s Which Way Home is a funny and tender story of a parent and child returning to country. The gifted writer and performer has previously graced Belvoir’s stages in Kill The Messenger and Coranderrk, and she was also the recipient of the 2015 Balnaves Foundation Indigenous Playwright’s Award. She’s currently on stage in Lighten Up at Griffin Theatre Company.

Do you have a pre-stage ritual you can talk us through?

Yes.  I do have a ritual. I like to get in 90 minutes early. Makeup. Dance. Stretch. Voice. Mediation. Makeup. Pep talk to myself in mirror. Then hitting the stage.

What’s the biggest mishap that’s occurred while you’ve been on stage?

The biggest mishap would be when part of the set started falling, the sound desk stopped working, and then the light started making funny noises like it was about to fall from the rig… and I was under it most of the scene. All that in one show!

What kind of impact does the audience have on your performance?

I think it goes both ways with audiences – it’s a give and take kind of thing. If someone is rude and disturbing, of course it’s a distraction, but it rarely happens. Equally when audiences go for the ride and I know they are there with the story, I do tend to give more energy to them.

How do you feel about Opening Night – excitement or dread?

Well, for Which Way Home, I’m excited. I have been working for years on this work. My dad will be here as well. So I’m pinging!

Are you an actor that can let go of a character once you leave the stage?

Yeah, I do let go of a character. I don’t have a choice because as soon as I leave the stage and go home, I am mum to my seven-year-old son.

Which Way Home is playing 11 to 29 January.