It has been described as ‘A startlingly original work performed with extraordinary precision and passion, it’s stylishly austere, confronting and deeply intelligent. As theatre, wholly riveting.’ (Alison Croggon, The Monthly)

Persona is an adaptation of one of Ingmar Bergman’s finest films, directed by Belvoir’s new Resident Director Adena Jacobs.

Premiering at Melbourne’s Theatre Works in 2012, this Fraught Outfit production received rave reviews. It is a show Belvoir felt Sydney audiences needed to see. At Melbourne’s Green Room Awards it scooped the Independent Theatre category winning Best Production, Best Direction and Best Female Performer for Karen Sibbing.

Elizabeth is an actress. One night, in the middle of Elektra, she falls silent. Nervous breakdown? Spiritual crisis? Illness? Attention seeking? No-one can say. She is sent to the seaside to recover. As Elizabeth’s silence continues, her nurse Alma begins to speak and Bergman’s signature themes kick into life: enigmatic acts of love and kindness, dangerous heights of obsession and need.

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Season dates: 24 July – 18 August 2013. 

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