It’s been an interesting few weeks at Belvoir, we lost and gained a Hamlet, and now we have lost a play.

An unexpected issue has arisen with the rights to The Philadelphia Story. It has emerged that Ellen Barry, the wife of playwright Philip Barry, was actually a co-author. As Philip Barry passed away in 1949 his work is no longer in copyright in Australia, however as Ellen Barry passed away more recently her copyright is still in effect. Ellen Barry was not publicly credited in published versions of the play. Indeed she spoke about her husband’s work in interviews without mentioning her authorial contribution. You don’t expect this sort of thing to happen but it’s probably not the first time a woman has done half of her husband’s work with no recognition.

Unfortunately the Estate of Ellen Barry has not granted us the rights to The Philadelphia Story so we will be producing The Government Inspector by Simon Stone after Nikolai Gogol (died 1852, unmarried) in its place. Read more about The Government Inspector here.

Ticket holders and subscribers have been contacted with further information but if you have any concerns please call our Box Office on (02) 9699 3444 from Monday 4 November.