The deck is stacked with IRL popstar Aydan as Harry, we stan both Chika Ikogwe as Jules, and Belvoir newcomer Karis Oka as the formidable Edna. We are one hunji per cent behind James Majoos reprising their role as fan fav Saltypringl, and Ayesha Madon as sweet Lily. We can’t even with Shubshri Kandiah as Edna’s BFF Brianna, and Sharon Millerchip is srsli bringing the mum love as Caroline. Plus, we are pregnant with the news Tomáš Kantor and Shannen Alyce Quan are the FANGIRLS swings!!

Watch the videos to meet the FANGIRLS cast and find out who they’re fangirling over and why they think you should come and see this phenomenal musical!