This year Belvoir is launching a new annual program that offers emerging artists two of the things they need most: space to work and a community of artists.

The Belvoir Artist Workshop is a year-long opportunity for 12 theatre artists from across Sydney. The purpose is to give you a way to practice your craft, to think big, and to collaborate with other artists.

We’ll gather a group of 12 artists and we’ll give you space, access and expertise. What you do with it will be up to you and your group.

The Belvoir Artist Workshop is modelled on similar programs from overseas, but its particular aim is to help build an open and ambitious theatre community in Sydney, and to make sure that the theatre we make in five, ten, twenty years’ time is extraordinary.

This is an open offer from Belvoir to the group of artists. All we ask in return is that the opportunity is pursued with boldness, ambition and generosity.

Interested? More information on The Belvoir Artist Workshop and how to apply can be found here.