The Wolves is a play that celebrates what it means to be a team, to be young and growing. Throughout this process it has been a privilege to work with a team of ten phenomenal women on a play that is not only empowering but also challenging and complex in the themes that it navigates. It is rare to find a play in the theatrical canon written just for women – let alone with so many women each with layered identities.

Sarah DeLappe has distilled what being a young woman is like. She affirms that learning is hard, friendship is precious and that being young is not easy. DeLappe evokes this dizzying journey from innocence to experience with tenderness that will lead many into their own riviera of nostalgia.

Young people today are quickly becoming leaders – challenging the complacency and injustices of our time: Greta Thunberg, the Swedish school girl who started a global School Strike 4 Climate Change, Emma Gonzalez and teenagers who are leading the gun-control movement in the USA, and Malala Yousafzai who championed her own education in the face of the Taliban, are all symptomatic of an articulate energised youth. Unsatisfied with the leadership of the older generation, they exude the change for a better world themselves. They speak out and seize moments that are so rightfully theirs, not waiting for permission to be creators of the world they inherit. The Wolves celebrates this youth – the individuals as a part of a whole – who stare down their inner and outer adversaries.

I am incredibly thankful to Andrew Henry, Vanessa Wright and the team at Red Line Productions at the Old Fitz for programming this work in 2018 and equally as grateful to Eamon Flack and the team at Belvoir for giving it a second life. I’d also like to thank Mandela Mathia for being our football guru.

This show was made by an all female creative team and cast who are hard-working, generous and remarkable. We look not only to the women in our own lives to inspire us but all that came before and those yet to come.

Jessica Arthur – Director

The Wolves is playing in Belvoir’s Upstairs Theatre, 2 February – 3 March.

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