Almost all of us have had some experience of living with mental health issues, whether it be first hand or through a loved one or friend. It is a recognisable part of being alive and human. Yet we rarely treat it as such a common occurrence. We give our failing bodies far more press than we give our fragile minds.

Every Brilliant Thing takes this subject and gently yet firmly, with pathos and humour, guides us to a place where we can see it for what it is – something to be unashamedly spoken about within the communities we live in.

Every Brilliant Thing is almost not a play. Its form is stripped down to the essentials which allows the simple act of communion with others to define its nature and ultimate purpose.

It doesn’t aim to give simple solutions or feel good remedies but instead suggests we deeply consider how we talk about suicide, how we treat the loved ones of someone who has died by suicide, and how the media reports on it.

The lengthy conversations we’ve shared in the rehearsal room together have deeply informed our interpretation of the piece. The gift of the show is that it is never the same twice yet at its heart never wavers from its purpose.

Through a personal account we are encouraged to be personally accountable.

The list of every brilliant thing is also certainly not given as a solution yet it stands as a beautiful and heartfelt offering by a seven year old to a situation that can’t be easily be remedied.

Sometimes the seven year old in us is surprisingly wise.


Kate Champion (Director), Steve Rodgers (Co-Director) and Kate Mulvany (Performer)

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If this note or Every Brilliant Thing has raised any concerns for you following the performance, Lifeline offers a 24 hour counselling service and can be reached at 13 11 14. Additional information can be found on their website, Other services which may be of assistance include mental health advocacy organisation, Beyond Blue (, 1300 224 636), and youth mental health foundation, Headspace ( You may also consider speaking to a trusted source or engaging your local GP.