We’re a few weeks into this new world of Zoom and empty streets. It’s not becoming less bizarre. When the sun’s out and you’re by the window it can almost feel normal for a moment. But it remains unnatural. It is certainly unnatural for us at Belvoir. What is a theatre without audiences? The question is absurd, and yet here we are learning to answer it because suddenly we are a theatre without audiences.

Only of course we do have audiences. Just not in our theatre. You are all at home. So we are busy re-wiring our theatrical brains and re-organising our organisation so that we can continue to make work for you.

Only, here’s the rub:

The only thing more absurd than a theatre without audiences is a theatre without actors. When our income fell off a cliff three weeks ago we lost the ability to hire actors. JobKeeper helped to save our administration (we never thought we’d say this, but: Thank you Scott Morrison) (and the ACTU) – but JobKeeper doesn’t allow us to retain a single actor.

So right now not only are we re-imagining the idea of theatre for audiences who have to stay home, we are also figuring out how to keep working with actors when there’s no money and the actors also have to stay home.

And we think we have some idea about how we might pull off this ridiculous feat.

After Easter we will share some of these ideas with you.

For now, thank you all for your support. Moral or financial, both count.

Stay safe.


Eamon and Sue