Leonard Mickelo

Leonard is a Kulalli and Bidjara man born in Ipswich. His foster mum opened his heart to dance at the age of 10. He trained in jazz, tap, musical theatre and contemporary, under the direction of Fiona McIvor and Sandra Breen. In 2006, Leonard joined the highly acclaimed dance company Bangarra Dance Theatre. To Leonard, Bangarra plays an integral role in today’s fast modern society as it’s important to share and learn the traditional culture and history of this country. Bangarra has opened and strengthened Leonard’s spirit. Leonard has toured with Bangarra to New York, Paris, London, Beijing, Istanbul, Budapest, and Berlin. Leonard also performed in the musical Priscilla, Queen of The Desert (Michael Cassel Group) in 2018 and toured with The Sapphires (HIT Productions) as their choreographer. Leonard loves to inspire and connect with the next generation to express their passion through culture.

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