We know that ideas for exciting theatre can come from anywhere.

Anyone with a love of theatre is welcome to approach us with an idea for our Upstairs or Downstairs seasons. Simply email Dom Mercer, our Artistic Associate with a brief outline of your idea.

Leave aside the notion of a pitch and think of your initial email as the opening of a conversation: brief, pleasant and of unknown consequences. We’re interested in a process of speculation, discovery and collaboration and not so interested in simply giving a yes or no to a pre-conceived production. So your first email to us can be very simple: a paragraph is probably enough to start a conversation. (Though if you have a script, please include it.)

If your idea does not strike us as a good fit for our work we will let you know as promptly as possible. If your idea is of further interest we will begin a conversation over a longer period with the hope of either finding you a slot in the season or providing you with development opportunities.