Directors & Creatives

Belvoir invites directors of undeniable ability to direct ambitious and original work for either of our two theatres.

With two stages and a development program, we are able to engage directors and creatives of all walks, from furiously intuitive newcomers to contemporary visionaries to older, wiser heads.

We are also looking to nurture directors and theatre makers from Indigenous and culturally diverse backgrounds who have the potential to take on positions of cultural leadership.

Directing at Belvoir

Most directors come to work at Belvoir after a series of conversations with the company in which the nature of the relationship between the director’s work and our work becomes clear of its own volition. This may take anywhere from half an hour to several years. Sometimes this relationship is started by Belvoir approaching a director, other times it is the other way round.


The way we work with designers, whether it’s set, costume, lighting or sound, is basically the same as with directors and writers – the better we know your work, the easier it is for us to recommend you to our directors. We get to know your work by seeing shows you’ve worked on, or by working with you ourselves.

Creative teams are put together by the director of each production. They sometimes already have established relationships with designers, and sometimes need a helping hand to meet people they might share an aesthetic with. We help out by keeping a list of designers in various fields, seeing as much work as we can, and setting up meetings.

So, if you’re interested in working on our productions, make sure you invite us to your shows, and also send your CV and a link to your portfolio to Dom Mercer, our Artistic Associate.