The Belvoir Artist Workshop

Belvoir's new artist development pilot

In November 2016, Belvoir launched The Artist Workshop, a 12 month pilot program to support emerging arts leaders with rehearsal and workshop spaces and a community of artists.

The Artist Workshop participants are:

Yve Blake – Theatre Maker
Kate Cheel – Actor
Constantine Costi – Director
Sabrina D’Angelo – Actor
Chris Dunstan – Director
Priscilla Jackman – Director
Benjamin Law – Writer
Dominic Mercer – Director
Kevin Ng – Director
Matilda Ridgway – Actor
Rebekah Robertson – Actor
Disapol Savetsila – Writer
Bjorn Stewart – Actor/ Writer
Aanisa Vylet – Actor

The Belvoir Artist Workshop will offer these 14 artists:


They’ll be able to make Belvoir Street their creative home for the year. Available spaces include the rehearsal rooms, the Writer’s room, and in some cases the Downstairs theatre. Participants can use these spaces for any activity related to theatre: reading and writing, discussion and research, testing out an idea, and rehearsing and workshopping.

Other artists

Theatre is collaborative, and good theatre is always the work of a community of artists. These 14 artists from across Sydney have the opportunity to work together, or to invite their own artistic collaborators into the program. They also have the opportunity to meet Belvoir’s artists. Within this network of artists, they are free to pursue their own collaborations and projects.

Things to do

This group will lead its own year-long program of projects and events. Anyone within the group will be free to propose an activity, either independently or for collaboration within the Belvoir Artist Workshop. This could include creative development, scene work, play readings, forums, masterclasses, rehearsals, workshop productions… Belvoir will then allocate space and resources on the advice of the group.

Mentorship and support

Belvoir staff are available for advice and consultation, and there will be some logistical and technical support available. We may also be able to facilitate mentorships with senior Belvoir artists.


Particpants will receive tickets to all Belvoir productions and occasional tickets to other companies.

A bit of Belvoir

Participants have opportunities to see behind the scenes at Belvoir. This could include readings, company runs, dress rehearsals, design presentations and other artistic activities.