This 2-hour online workshop will focus on developing simple techniques used by actors to give you more confidence and prepare you for online forums, giving you the best chance of expressing yourself positively at work or in social online situations.

Facilitators include Anna Houston (Hedda Gabler (Belvoir), Blue Heelers and All Saints) and Morgan Maguire (Masters in Coaching Psychology, The University of Sydney)

The workshop will include:

  • Introduction to Body and Voice Fundamentals in Camera
  • Posture and breathing exercises that actors use to manage pre-performance anxieties
  • Warming up your voice exercises, so when it’s your time to speak, you’re ready
  • Bringing them together and being present in the moment
  • Conclusion including Q&A

Classes are conducted online via zoom and limited to 20 people.

Participant feedback from past workshops:

Wonderful workshop! Anna was so engaging and informative. I learned a lot of very practical techniques and tricks. Thank you very much. Anna made me excited about presenting – I can’t wait to practise what I learned. 

… full of wonderful insights about enhancing physical and vocal presence.

I really loved the workshops and found aspects of them challenging, which I didn’t expect but also really loved because this is a necessary part of learning.

The Vocal Presence practices were a revelation, freeing the face, throat and lungs. I’ll commit to regularly practising the articulation workout.


For more information about our workshops, please get in touch. [email protected] or 02 8396 6219



Workshops are held via Zoom

For more information about our workshops, please get in touch. [email protected] or 02 8396 6219