***Mike McLeish performing Light on the Hill by Casey Bennetto, from Keating! the musical***

To say thanks for all your support we were pleased to announce Belvoir’s first ever online concert! The concert streamed from Friday 22 May for one weekend only. Belvoir in Concert was a presentation of the best of Belvoir’s songs in a series of specially recorded performances by their original cast members. Just for the joy of it!

It turns out we have presented a lot of great music and new Australian musicals over the years. We hate to salt the wound if you missed out but let’s just say there was a light on the hill in the black hills of Dakota where the camp dogs roam and have the time of their lives… Hosted by the irrepressible Virginia Gay (Calamity Jane) we streamed across Facebook, YouTube and our website for one weekend only.

It was our way of saying thanks for all the support and good wishes you’ve sent us, and cheers to everyone who donated their tickets. We can’t keep the lights on without you.

If you can help us to keep artists at work, donate now and a generous anonymous donor will match your donation dollar for dollar.

Belvoir in Concert
Free Online from 7.30pm Friday 22 May available until 11.59pm Sunday 24 May
Facebook, Youtube, website

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Paula Arundell
Troy Brady
Laura Bunting
Elaine Crombie
Gareth Davies
Charlie Garber
Virginia Gay
Esther Hannaford
Brent Hill
Kimberley Hodgson
Chika Ikogwe
Shelly Lauman
Ayesha Madon
James Majoos
Mike McLeish
Zahra Newman
Xavier Samuel

Yael Stone
Adm Ventoura
Ursula Yovich


Hosted by Virginia Gay.

1. Black Hills of Dakota, Calamity Jane, 2018: Laura Bunting, Virginia Gay
Music by Sammy Fain and Paul Francis Webster

2. Night of Our Lives, FANGIRLS, 2019: Chika Ikogwe, Kimberly Hodgson
Music by Yve Blake

3. Outta Tha Bag, The Dog/The Cat, 2015: Xavier Samuel
Written by Stefan Gregory, Xavier Samuel, Lally Katz and Riley McCullough

4. Mac the Knife, The Threepenny Opera, 2003: Paula Arundel
Music by Kurt Weill and Berthold Brecht, arranged by Alan John.

5. Bella Figlia Dell’Amore (or The Sheep Opera), As You Like It, 2011: Gareth Davies, Charlie Garber, Shelly Lauman, Yael Stone
Music by Francesco Maria Piave and Giuseppe Verdi

6. I Wanna Dance With Somebody, Ivanov, 2015: Zahra Newman
Music by George Merrill and Shannon Rubicam, arranged by Steve Toulmin.

7. Don’t Exist, FANGIRLS, 2019: Ayesha Madon, James Majoos
Music by Yve Blake.

8. I Stand On the Deck/Last Song, Mr Burns, 2017: Esther Hannaford, Brent Hill
Music by Michael John Friedman and Anne Washburn, arranged by Brent Hill and Esther Hannaford.

9. Light on the Hill, Keating! The Musical, 2006, Mike McLeish
Music by Casey Bennetto.

10. Let in the Love, Barbara and the Camp Dogs, 2017, Ursula Yovich, Elaine Crombie, Troy Brady, Adm Ventura
Music by Ursula Yovich, Adm Ventura and Alana Valentine.

Editing thanks to:
Yve Blake, Brent Hill and Xavier Samuel

Master edit and cinematography, Jack Saltmiras.

Special thanks to
Casey Bennetto, Yve Blake, Steve Francis, Stefan Gregory, Brent Hill, Alan John, Xavier Samuel, Greg Tchernez, Steve Toulmin, Adm Ventura and Emma White, for their support in the production of Belvoir in Concert.

Performance Times

Belvoir in Concert premiered at 7.30pm Friday 22 May and was available for viewing until 11.59pm Sunday 24 May.


Belvoir in Concert is a free digital event however any donations are greatly appreciated to help us keep the lights on and keep Artists at Work.

And if you’re able to donate a generous anonymous donor will match your donation dollar for dollar.