‘Act well your part, for there all honour lies.’

Welcome to the Australian theatrical house. Although its history is extraordinary, a quick tour today will reveal empty rooms that should be filled with new voices. Upstairs doors are locked tight. And certain housemates keep leaving the toilet seat up. More than anything, many residents seem to have forgotten how to ‘act well our part’ and our ‘honour’ seems to have snuck out the bathroom window. In this lecture by Kate Mulvany, the house will be exorcised. Egos will be bruised. Critics critiqued. Why? Call it tough love from a resident artist who thinks the Australian theatre house needs a radical renovation so that it may be as open and honourable as it claims to be.

The Fellowship

The NSW Philip Parsons Fellowship for Emerging Playwrights and Memorial Lecture commemorate the life’s work of Philip Parsons AM (1926-1993). Dr Parsons was an influential teacher and mentor to many of the students, scholars, actors, directors and playwrights who created the new wave of theatre and drama in the 1970s. The Fellowship is presented, in partnership with Arts NSW, to an emerging playwright whose work demonstrates an original and compelling theatrical voice. The Fellowship money forms a $12,500 commissioning fee for the writer and $7,500 towards a creative development, with a view to developing a new work with support from Belvoir’s artistic staff.
More details including a list of past recipients.

Performance Times

Monday 16 May 6:30 PM