100 Reasons For War by Tom Holloway is an ambitious and provocative work, written as response to a century of conflict following the ‘war to end all wars’, 100 years after Gallipoli.

This is no battlefield-drama or period piece. Holloway’s war is played out in the here and now across multiple short fragmented scenes, questioning the legacies on which our nation was formed, and exploring the complex and familiar reasons conflict remains such a prominent feature in the history of humanity.

This is a dense, poetic, funny, angry and poignant theatrical work encompassing the Big Bang, the violence of language, quantum mechanics, Sigmund Freud’s nephew, remote controls, ceramic bowls, Gallipoli, electricity, terrorism, Bliss Symbolics, colonial wars, love, coral, epilepsy, evolution, sex, faith, children and chimpanzees.




Performed by The AFTT Graduating Company of 2018

Performance Times

Friday 25 May 7.30pm
Saturday 26 May 2.15pm & 7.30pm
Sunday 27 May 5.30pm
Tuesday 29 May 6pm