Your COVID-Safe Trip to Belvoir

Theatre, like life, will be a little different in the age of Covid.

From now until it is safe to do otherwise, Belvoir St Theatre will be a spatially distanced theatre, and the masks of comedy and tragedy will be joined by face masks.

Belvoir is a registered COVID-Safe business, and our procedures follow strict guidelines set by the NSW State Government and Live Performance Australia. By registering on arrival you agree to follow our COVID-Safe plan and to follow direction from Belvoir staff.

This is how your trip to Belvoir will work:

First of all, if you’re feeling unwell, please stay at home.*
We will open the building one hour before showtime.

Come in and have your temperature checked.
If your temperature is below 37.5 degrees, head on through.
If your temperature is 37.5 or above we will ask you to wait outside for ten minutes, then we will re-check your temperature. If it is still 37.5 degrees or above then we are not permitted to allow you into the building, and we will ask you to come back another time.

Take some hand sanitiser and register.
Everyone who visits Belvoir is required by law to register for contact tracing. We will keep your booking information on file for this purpose.**

Don’t forget to bring your mask.
Whilst before the show you can enjoy food and drink without a mask, you will need to wear a mask inside the theatre auditorium for the duration of the performance unless you have a legitimate medical reason. Don’t worry we’ll let you know when we’re closing the doors and it’s time to put  it on! If you have forgotten your mask we can sell you a standard medical mask for $4.

Head on in and find yourself somewhere to sit…
In order to avoid mingling, patrons at all venues in NSW are required by law to be seated. You can grab a drink or a nibble, but you will not be able to remain standing. To help manage queues and seating, bars will cease service ten minutes prior to the performance commencing.

…in one of the foyer spaces…
You can head downstairs to the Hal Bar, where there is seating in the foyer and in the Downstairs Theatre. Or you can head upstairs (behind the lift) to the brand new Green Room Bar.***

…or in the Upstairs Theatre.
There’s no need any more to wait in the foyer. You can now head straight into the Upstairs Theatre any time from half an hour before the show. You can take your drinks in there too, or slip out to the Green Room bar at any time before the show starts.

Have your seat number handy…
In order to limit contact we will no longer tear your ticket at the doors to the theatre. Instead we’ll send you an email confirming your seats a few days before. Either print this out, or have it handy on your phone, and an usher will point you to your seat.****

…and take your seat.
This is where you’ll notice the biggest difference. To begin with, there will only be approximately 115 people in the auditorium for the show, instead of the usual 340. This is so that we can follow the 4 square metre rule. There will also be a gap between your seats and everyone else’s.*****

Enjoy the show!

And remember —

Keep 1.5 metres wherever possible.

Wash and sanitise your hands whenever possible.

Sneeze or cough into your elbow.

Belvoir has also implemented a more intensive daily cleaning regime at the theatre, and our staff will do regular additional cleaning of high-touch surfaces during, before, and after each performance. The includes railings, door handles, lift buttons, toilet and cubicle locks, chair backs and table tops.

Belvoir uses 100% fresh air from outside the theatre, which is then cooled or heated and distributed through the building in our air-conditioning. Most airborne contagions are unlikely to survive this heating or cooling process. In most buildings a percentage of fresh and recycled air is used for climate control, using 100% fresh air makes Belvoir unique, and greatly reduces the risk of COVID remaining in the building over a long period of time.

Visit the NSW Government website for more information about industry processes, or visit Create NSW for a helpful FAQ about the creative industries.

*If you are unable to attend due to illness, we will try and find you a ticket for an alternative performance. Otherwise we will credit the cost of your ticket.

**You agree to follow our COVID-Safe plan and to follow direction from Belvoir staff. We are required to hold names and contact details of patrons for 28 days. These are held securely and destroyed after 28 days.

***The capacity of these spaces is strictly limited by the 4 square metre rule. When these spaces are full our staff will kindly ask you to keep moving into the Upstairs Theatre.

****If you don’t have access to email our box office will be able to print you a ticket on the day.

*****Parties will be seated in groups of two with two spare seats between each group. If for example you have booked three tickets, two people will be seated together, there will be two free seats, then the third person will be seated.