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Annual Reports, past programs, our coffee table book 25 Belvoir Street and more.

Annual Reports

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Back issue programs

You can buy programs of some of our past productions over the counter at our warehouse Box Office. At Belvoir we produce three kinds of programs; all contain rehearsal photos, biographies, writer & director notes, info about Belvoir, and some contain scripts and articles.

Upstairs shows – Programs with script.
For all new plays or adapted works we publish the script in conjunction with Currency Press. 

Upstairs shows – Programs without script. 

Downstairs shows
These programs are available to you totally free of charge. Once the show has closed you can continue to view the program online on Belvoir’s issuu page here.

25 Belvoir Street

To mark and celebrate 25 years of theatre at Belvoir, we commissioned a stunning book full of essays, memories and vivid photographs. This is 25 Belvoir Street. Including a collection of essays by Robert Cousins, Ralph Myers, Robert McFarlane, Rhoda Roberts, James Waites, Alan John, Rita Kalnejais, Benedict Andrews and Neil Armfield, 25 Belvoir Street traces the social and political background from which Belvoir emerged and it looks at the way the building itself has found a way into our imaginations.

Now only $20.
For more details or to purchase online click HERE. It can also be purchased at the warehouse Box Office.
Please note: A $20 postage & handling fee will be charged for online purchases within Australia.


Check out Belvoir’s profile on issuu – it’s a hub of interactive PDFs of many of our publications including season books, Interval magazine and Downstairs Theatre programs. Follow us there and read a stack of our publications in one place.