Artists At Work:
Act Two

Last year as a direct response to the devastating loss of work for the freelance artists who make up the bulk of our workforce on and offstage, Belvoir devised a series of artistic employment initiatives broadly grouped as Artists at Work. This series of initiatives created 365 unique gigs for artists working across 48 different projects, and extended beyond Belvoir to the independent and small-to-medium sectors.

This year, we want to continue this extraordinary initiative by making the best elements of Artists at Work a permanent part of Belvoir’s work, to support our artists in fundamental and pioneering ways.

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One of the biggest take-outs from COVID was that artists need contracted employment. They slipped through the cracks because of the temporary nature of creative employment. A big goal for us this year is to bring more artists permanently on staff at Belvoir. We are aiming to have 3-5 artists in the building working across a range of artistic, outreach and educational activities. We would love a full ensemble here at Belvoir, and this just may be the start of that vision. With your support we can achieve this aim. Donate to Artists on Staff.

This is a bold new creative project led by our Artistic Director Eamon Flack and the writer of Counting & Cracking S. Shakthiharan, together with a collective of emerging and established artists. Our borders are still shut so we have turned our creative gaze back to the city we all know and love. Using community-based devising techniques this project is a love-letter to Sydney, celebrating the extraordinary story of Sydney, of Australia, of its people and its communities. Donate to Artists in Community.

25A is housed in our intimate Downstairs Theatre, is an exciting program celebrating independent theatre-making and emerging theatrical talent. We were gutted when we had to close this space due to Covid, but without support from our community, these doors may remain closed. Since 2002 this downstairs space has been a beacon for emerging theatrical artists to discover their place, hone their talents and make life-long connections. Kate Mulvany, Wayne Blair, Leah Purcell, Simon Stone, Brendan Cowell, Shannon Murphy, Anne-Louise Sarks and Eamon Flack are just some of the theatrical powerhouses whose formative experience happened in this space. Donate today to ensure we can re-open 25A this year. Donate to Artists of the Future.

Our goal at Belvoir is to create a company where shows like Counting & Cracking are not the exception but the norm. Where the best theatre is also theatre made with, by and for our local communities.

Donate today and help us keep the great work of Belvoir going.