Artistic Director’s Message 2014

Ralph Myers on our 2014 Season.


Hello friends,

So, here it is: our 2014 Season. It’s a ripper of a season I think.

Browse away. But before you do, some introductions: you should meet our two new Resident Directors, Adena Jacobs and Anne-Louise Sarks. We’ve stolen them both from Melbourne (so many good people come from Melbourne). We scoured the country for the two brightest and most exciting young directors we could find. And what do you know? They were right under our noses, just south of the border. I’m so glad they’ve agreed to come onboard.

Anyone who saw Sarks’ terrific Medea or Jacobs’ fantastic Persona here at Belvoir will know they are both enormously talented. They join Associate Director Eamon Flack (Angels in America) and Literary Manager and all-rounder Anthea Williams (Forget Me Not) to round out what has to be the hottest team of theatre-makers this side of The Globe. Plus, we’ve invited a swag of freelance artists into the tent to weave their magic: from Simon Stone to Leah Purcell, Michael Gow, Jada Alberts, Kit Brookman, Matthew Whittet to collectives The Rabble and post.

And that’s not even mentioning the actors, the designers… so many great people. What I’m excited about is how different they all are. That’s one of the great joys of being an artistic director and curating a season. Juxtaposing tragedy with comedy, the intimate with the epic, the gentle with the rough and tumble.

That is, in fact, the point. There is more than one way to skin a cat. There is no right way to make theatre, any more than there is a right way to paint a painting or write a love song. Everyone does it their own way. It strikes me that audiences – much like customers at a delicatessen – don’t care who made the sausage (or indeed how), provided it tastes good. In my limited experience with sausages (and theatre) it’s vastly preferable to not know what goes in.

So, if you’re going to skin a cat and make it into a sausage, make sure you get great artists to do it. Right? Something like that! The stage is set for a thrilling year of theatrical delight. Now all you have to do is choose which shows to see. My tip? The lot!

See you at the theatre.