Ralph’s Message for 2013

The Artistic Director of the 2013 Season.

Going to the theatre isn’t always easy. On first appearances, you’d think it would be. Seemingly, the audience has a pretty easy job. It’s just like watching TV, except you’re with a whole lot of people. You just have to sit there, right?

But that’s not the case. You only have to go to the theatre once to realise that it’s a thousand miles from the passive task of watching TV. You have to work a little bit. You, the audience, are as essential as the performers are. Everybody in the room, both actors and audience, are participating in a type of conversation. We develop a relationship. It’s a kind of one-night stand.

Our job, as theatre-makers, is to make it as pleasurable a night as we can. Because we secretly hope, deep down in our hearts, that it’s not just going to be a one-night stand, but that it will blossom into something more longterm. And meaningful. We hope that we develop a full-blown affair. Sure, you’re paying for it. But we’re very good at pretending. It’s our job, after all.

This book is a kind of lonely-hearts ad. It sets out a smorgasbord of delights to tempt you to commit to us. Some nights, we hope, you’ll go home distraught, in tears; others you’ll be grinning from ear to ear. Hopefully, we’ll make you laugh, cry, think, gasp and then clap very, very loudly. And that’s just on the first date.

Of course, for many of you, it’s just the next chapter in a very long relationship indeed. Belvoir is famous for the loyalty and steadfastness of our subscribers. And those of you who have subscribed before will know that a long-term relationship is a very different thing to a casual fling. It’s not always so easy. We sometimes don’t agree. Sometimes we make each other angry. Or worse, bored. To make good art we must take risks. And taking risks is risky. But those of you who’ve subscribed before will know that across the years you’ve had a lot of great times with us, in our dark room in Surry Hills, making theatre together.

Ok, enough already. Stretching that metaphor any further would be indecent.

So, here it is, our 2013 Season: there is a lot to be excited about. Great new and classic plays directed by a gang of the hottest young directors in the country including Leticia Cáceres, Simon Stone, Eamon Flack and Adena Jacobs, populated by a galaxy of dazzling stars of the stage: Toby Schmitz, Robyn Nevin, Brendan Cowell, Meyne Wyatt, Jacqui McKenzie – the list is long and rich.

I hope you’re as excited about it as we are. We cannot wait to spend the night with you all. And we don’t mind if you bring your friends too!

Ralph Myers