The general rule of thumb for casting is: the better we know your work, the easier it is to cast you.

We can get to know your work by seeing you in performance, auditioning you or working with you.

Each show is cast by the director working with the Artistic Director, the Artistic Administrator, the Artistic and Programming staff, and the Executive Director. Sometimes we cast a role by invitation, other times by audition. We cast nationally, though the majority of our actors are Sydney-based.

There are no rules as to when we cast. Sometimes a production is fully cast by the time we launch the season; sometimes it isn’t fully cast until close to rehearsals. In general the best time to enquire about roles is in the months after we launch the new season (usually early September).

To enquire about available roles, your agent can contact our Artistic Manager Carly Pickard. Alternatively you can drop by our offices at 18 Belvoir St, Surry Hills, and read the scripts that interest you. We will be able to tell you then which roles are available for your age and gender.

If you are interested in any of the roles, your agent can contact Carly Pickard to suggest you for the part and request an audition.

Auditions for our shows are by invitation only. Your agent can contact our Artistic Manager Carly Pickard, to request an audition.

We audition for two reasons: either in order to get to know actors we don’t yet know, or to test the fit of particular actors for a role.

We usually audition for specific roles in our season. We will occasionally do general auditions.